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Video: Melissa and Pure Body Burn

Melissa Fisher of Mpire Fitness shares valuable insights on how to approach fitness and talks about her signature workout program and how it can benefit anyone at any age – whether you are a dancer, an endurance athlete, or a complete beginner to fitness. Melissa has been a professional dancer and her work included the

How to Know If You’re Over-training

Understand the early warning signs of over-training/overreaching (too much anaerobic exercise, too much total stress, or both), and slow down before you are forced down from injury and/or illness. Morning resting HR greater than 10% of normal – you may be getting sick; you’re overreaching in your training. Dizzy or lightheaded upon standing up –

Is Your Routine Not Giving You Results?

Then this article written by Amy Schlinger is just for you: “According to a small study conducted by the American Council on Exercise, the solution for “non-responders” (people who see no clear results from exercise that produces significant results for others) is a combination of cardio, resistance training, and functional training. Individuals who mixed all three types