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Video: Why You Shouldn’t RELY on Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Yes, there are instances where supplementation is required; however, it should never replace real food and over reliance or over dosage may in many instances be harmful than otherwise. Watch this video from the What I’ve Learned (WIL) channel to understand more… Have a specific health condition, or interested in consulting professional to understand if

Video: Vitamins and Supplements: Magic Pills – The Fifth Estate

From herbal remedies to minerals, vitamins and other supplements, it’s a billion dollar industry that includes everyone from Big Pharma to Mom and Pop operations. They’re products packed with promises, but what’s actually in the bottle? Could we be taking too much? And could they actually be harmful to your health? CBC News Fifth Estate

Decoding the Dietary Supplement Industry

It’s hard to know if what we put in to our bodies are always good for us, and this holds even more true for the burgeoning supplement industry. Watch this video to take heed on the things that can go wrong here…

The Supplement Explosion

In an age where markets are driven by profit motives, the need for sound judgement becomes ever more paramount. Products such as whey protein and muscle building supplements have entered mainstream adoption and has been considered a normal part of certain fitness routines. This article written by a fitness industry professional reveals some research and