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Video: Death by Sugar

Dr. David Perlmutter is a Board-Certified Neurologist and the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Grain Brain. In this episode of Health Theory, he and host Tom Bilyeu discuss the important health metrics to pay attention to, how lifestyle affects health, and the importance of connection… We tend to think of Type 2

Video: HOW to quit Sugar & Unhealthy Habits

It’s a new year and many of us are planning to cut off sugar as a part of healthy resolutions. Here’s some great tips on What I’ve Learned channel: Wondering why sugar is so bad, and how eliminating sugar could be the best dietary change you can do this year? Read our blog post here.

Video: Reverse Aging with Neurobics

Marisa Peer shares many secrets of youth and vitality, such as leveraging neurobics, cutting out sugar, and more…

4 Types of Sugar Addiction

We understand that all what tastes good isn’t necessarily good for us. While natural sugars contained as carbohydrates and fructose are in fact good for us, the processed variety is what is associated with the sugar addiction that we now know about. This article on MindBodyGreen describes 4 main reasons why people crave sugar and

Why is Sugar Bad, Really?

We’ve all heard enough of the perils of sugar, so much so that conditions such as Diabetes has become synonymous with the substance. But packing pounds, rotting teeth and Diabetes are probably not the only reasons to worry about sugar. This article from MindBodyGreen by Dr. Kellyann Petrucci  shares some valuable information about the less