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Meet Emma – Your Work Colleague of the Future

An interesting yet scary video of what could possibly be an accurate portrayal of us in the near future: “Say hello to Emma, a life-sized representation of how we could look in 20 years’ time if we continue working with poor posture and inadequately set-up workstations. We have worked with a Behavioural Futurist and a

Workshop: Health Hacks for Entrepreneurs

Thank you to everyone who participated and gave us great feedback for the Health Hacks workshop at Likuid Spaces! We also thank our co-organizer Bandwagon for the support extended in facilitating value addition to the entrepreneurial startup eco-system. Missed this workshop? Contact on 077 733 7430 and learn how we can curate a unique

Video: True to Form

Having regular back pain, knee pain and so on? Read up the book True to Form by Eric Goodman if you’ve got the time. If not, watch this preview by Brian Johnson:

Workshop: Too Much Sitting: The Problems & Solutions

A big thank you going out to all the participants, and for Shawn Roche for conducting an extremely informative session on the problems and solutions related to a topic relevant to all of us today! We discussed how our movement philosophy has changed, the myths and realities of claims, how to optimize joint and spinal

Stretches You can Do at the Desk!

Here are some easy and somewhat unobtrusive stretches you can incorporate to while you are working at office or home: Also check our article: Want to find classes that you can squeeze in between office break time? Visit: Inspires Women Engineers & Leaders of Tomorrow

A big thank you going out to the organizers of IEEE WIE International Leadership Summit for hosting as the official health and fitness partner. Special thanks to Tanuja Perera from Kinetic Fitness for advocating the importance of fitness and inspiring the young women engineers and leaders of tomorrow for!

The Unexpected Physical Consequences Of Technology (TEDx Talk)

Pain is simply a signal the body is giving you to take corrective action. Dr. Eric Goodman talks about the pains many of us can relate to, and reveals a simple founder exercise you can do everyday:

Why Sitting is Bad For You

Our bodies aren’t built for a sedentary existence. Our site helps you get active the way you like to, and whenever possible for you. Check out activities, class schedules and places listed here:

Workout at Work!

Okay, so you’ve heard that sitting is the new smoking. If you’ve got an office gym or a park nearby, that’s great news. If this is an unlikely scenario where you work, it might be a good idea to include some unobtrusive stretches at your desk. If you’re too embarrassed to do anything in public, you could take a

An Infographic That Might Make You Stand Up

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 😉