Self Defense Archive

Krav Maga: Efficient and Effective Defense

Krav Maga (‘contact combat’ in Hebrew), originally developed for the Israeli Military and has fast become the global standard for effective self defense techniques for people of all sizes and strengths. Watch Kunchana and Harisha talk about Krav Maga and its benefits, along with short video previews. The Director and Chief Instructor of Krav Maga

Workshop on Self Defense Basics

A Self Defense Basics workshop was hosted by on the 31st of July this year together with Sri Lanka School of Jeet Kune Do and Prana Lounge. The workshop was well received with many positive reviews as the participants found the instruction useful and practical for the everyday. We learned efficient and effective ways

Tithira and Prageeth on JKD and Martial Arts

Tithira Perera and Prageeth Thoradeniya talk about the many benefits of practicing martial arts such as MMA, BJJ and JKD, and introduce us to the ladies self-defense class and the Damini CSR project they have initiated in Sri Lanka. More about the two, The Shed and its class schedules can be found on our site: