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Video: Just Move Full Movie

Interested in exploring movement beyond the ordinary? Leading movement specialist, Ido Portal is the legendary Israeli mixed martial artist who has traveled the world teaching the Ido Portal Method. Whether you’re interested in concepts such as the lizard crawl or why Ido’s practices are about “more than just handstands”, this inspirational film offers a window

Video: Restorative Workout

Here’s a great MovNat restorative workout routine you can tryout at home…

What is Primal Fitness?

Primal fitness is a system of fitness that utilizes primal human and animal movements. The movements have a high degree of functionality and are often used in functional movement and functional fitness programs. These forms of exercise are now increasingly trending around the world and we are seeing a re-emergence of getting back to primal

Umeshi on Contemporary Dance and Its Many Transformative Benefits

Umeshi Rajeendra talks about contemporary dance, how it helps integrate the body, mind and soul, and its many transformative benefits. More about her venture Mesh Academy of Dance can be found on our site:

Ido Portal – A Moving Conversation

“Concentrating on aesthetics is reverse engineering, which usually fails.” – Ido Portal Watch this insightful interview with the movement guru on London Real:

What’s Wrong with Our Relationship with Exercising?

Derek Beres on Big Think reflects on the book Movement Matters and makes a few philosophical observations as to how our relationship with movement has changed thanks to sedentary occupations and urbanization. He starts by giving the example of how we have outsourced the job of our postural muscles to our chairs. “This phenomenon extends