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Find a Fitness Center or Class Near You

Always wanted to start a new fitness routine but never found the time? The current situation in the country might turn out to be an opportunity to explore new avenues, stay focused and realign our health goals. From Pilates to calisthenics at the park, Colombo offers you a lot of ways to keep fit. For

Workshop: New Year Workout at Likuid

An active start for the new year it was! Our first workshop for the year was at Likuid Spaces (Colombo 03) where we learned about the unique benefits of MMA and Yoga and how both can be great complementary workouts for anyone new to fitness. Thanks to Sean Pepper Robinson and Ajmal Yakoob for conducting

Workshop on Self Defense Basics

A Self Defense Basics workshop was hosted by on the 31st of July this year together with Sri Lanka School of Jeet Kune Do and Prana Lounge. The workshop was well received with many positive reviews as the participants found the instruction useful and practical for the everyday. We learned efficient and effective ways

Ido Portal – A Moving Conversation

“Concentrating on aesthetics is reverse engineering, which usually fails.” – Ido Portal Watch this insightful interview with the movement guru on London Real:

Tithira and Prageeth on JKD and Martial Arts

Tithira Perera and Prageeth Thoradeniya talk about the many benefits of practicing martial arts such as MMA, BJJ and JKD, and introduce us to the ladies self-defense class and the Damini CSR project they have initiated in Sri Lanka. More about the two, The Shed and its class schedules can be found on our site: