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Is Fear Sabotaging Your Health and Well-being?

So you’ve heard stories about exercise related injuries, and think you’re better off not lifting that dumbell than pull a muscle. This article by the NYTimes talks about this phenomenon on how fear can block you from achieving the long term health that you deserve and let you resort to false rationalizations instead. “Caution can

Keeping Your Joints Healthy

Did you know that more than 80 percent of all sports injuries involve joints? We tend to focus heavily on building muscle, yet ignore the importance of keeping our joints healthy for long term performance and maintenance. This article by Herald Tribune gives some great pointers so that can avoid pain and injury:   “Lose

Shoes and Injury Prevention

Whether you’re into running or casual walking, buying a good pair of shoes becomes an important decision at some point. Especially when we run in to injuries or start to feel uncomfortable with the current pair. You’ve probably heard about gait analysis for pronation issues, but most of the research on this doesn’t seem to

Why it’s Best Not to Ignore an Injury

It’s common practice among most of us to wait out an injury with wishful thinking that it may go away with time. What we don’t realize though, however, is that certain injuries ignored over the long term can cause imbalances elsewhere in the system, sometimes exacerbating the original one! This MindBodyGreen article written by Dr.