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Video: Health Experts Show You How to Protect Your Immune System

This special clip episode of Health Theory brings together some of the finest minds in functional medicine to discuss the immune system with host Tom Bilyeu. Naveen Jain, Steven Gundry, Rangan Chatterjee, Jillian Teta, Mark Hyman and Jolene Brighten explain what exactly the immune system is, how to level it up, and what we should

COVID-19: What You Need to Know + Useful Links

At times of crisis and we need everyone to be armed with the right tools of information to fight together as it’s the best defense we have. We’ve compiled a list of local and global content so we can collectively support the health of our communities. According to WHO, “the most common symptoms of COVID-19

Workshop: Celebrate Yoga Workshop with amanté &

A big thank you going out to amanté for sponsoring the fantastic Yoga program conducted by Rekha Krishanamoorthy at The Kingsbury Hotel. We thank Rekha for the very informative and practical session, introducing Angamardhana to some participants who tried out Yoga for the very first time as well! If you’d like us to organize a

Food That Loves Thy Heart

Sure, we’ve heard often enough that ischemic heart disease is the number one cause of mortality, contributing to a staggering 23.6% of deaths in Sri Lanka. (In contrast, road injury related deaths only contribute to 2%!) The good news is that we are blessed with an abundance of heart-healthy foods that can be added to

Looking for Healthy Gift Ideas?

Holiday season is here and you are wondering what to gift your friend, loved one or family. How about giving them a gift that they can add to their healthy lifestyle – or better yet, inspires them to get more active! Here are a few selected items from our shop that are gift ideas for

What is the Minimum Amount of Exercise I Need?

We all know that along with good nutrition, and good mental well-being, being active are vital components of being healthy throughout your lifetime. But if you’re too time pressed or too lazy, what is the minimum amount of exercise you can get away with? The below article by Alexandra Duron from The Greatist summarizes some

7 Habits of Highly Healthy People

A recent article by Bill Murphy Jr. for summarizes research findings related to more than 600,000 patient histories which figured out via statistical inferences how much extra time good habits can add to your life. “The findings were published this month in an article entitled “Genome-wide meta-analysis associates HLA-DQA1/DRB1 and LPA and lifestyle factors

Is Fear Sabotaging Your Health and Well-being?

So you’ve heard stories about exercise related injuries, and think you’re better off not lifting that dumbell than pull a muscle. This article by the NYTimes talks about this phenomenon on how fear can block you from achieving the long term health that you deserve and let you resort to false rationalizations instead. “Caution can

Fitness Trackers for the Mid and Old Age?

In recent times, we see an emerging trend of more seniors being conscious of their fitness and well-being. This is a good trend and an important first steps towards preventative medicine. A strong immune system, backed up by stamina to engage in multiple physical tasks gives an edge into enjoying life at any age. If

Healthy Habits Which Are Not So Healthy

There’s probably no industry packed with myths and contradictions than the nutrition and health industry. aims to bring you the latest developments from around the world so that you can avoid falling in to common myths and scams.  An article by Inc. summarizes a few practices that the latest science proves wrong: “Avoiding fat