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Find a Fitness Center or Class Near You

Always wanted to start a new fitness routine but never found the time? The current situation in the country might turn out to be an opportunity to explore new avenues, stay focused and realign our health goals. From Pilates to calisthenics at the park, Colombo offers you a lot of ways to keep fit. For

Body Doc: Largest Gym in Sri Lanka!

Chalith Perera, aspiring model and regular member at Body Doc Fitness and Wellness Pavilion, gives us a tour of the many fantastic and unique features available at the largest gym that was recently launched in Sri Lanka. More about BodyDoc can be found on our site:

Gaia on Her Transformative Fitness Journey

Fitness personality Gaia Kodithuwakku in this candid talk shares her views on the industry, the story of her personal journey towards deeper transformation, and how fitness helped her heal many aspects in her life…

A Message From an Inspiring CEO

Strauss Zelnick has an intense workout regimen that fuels his success… Feeling inspired? Check out Clubs & Sports Organizations near you to help your workout goals:

How to Find a Gym You Actually Go To

So the research is out! This article by the New York Mag highlights some marketing research done to prove that if you want to stick to your resolutions, it’s best to pick a gym that doesn’t require much travel time. offers a pretty neat nearby search function that helps you do just that!

The Newest Gym in Colombo

From climbing walls to projection rooms, Dinendra John talks about the unique features at The Fitness Connection. More about the gym can be found on our site:  

Mothilal Gives an Introduction to CrossFit

Sri Lankan sports legend Mothilal Jayathilake gives us an introduction to CrossFit, how it’s different, and how it may benefit to create the athlete in you. Mothilal’s profile can be viewed on our website:

Exercise Goes Beyond the Gym

An article published on NY Times by Brad Stulberg highlights how physical exercise translates to changes in many domains in everyday life, and shares a very important yet untold message to all those who consider self improvement and health. “When I first started training for marathons a little over ten years ago, my coach told