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Talk: Nutrition in Colombo

We organized a very informative panel session that received great audience feedback! Thanks to all those who dedicated time to improve their well-being, and special thanks to Dr Natalie Cooke, Shanez Gunatilaka and Visakha Tillekeratne for sharing great industry insights, best practices on nutrition while digging in to subtopics such as the gut health, toxic

Decoding the Dietary Supplement Industry

It’s hard to know if what we put in to our bodies are always good for us, and this holds even more true for the burgeoning supplement industry. Watch this video to take heed on the things that can go wrong here…

Change Your Relationship With Food

How do we handle temptations when the world around us is marketing enticing, unhealthy options? Kerri Boutelle, PhD, on this video by UCTV talks about the hidden science behind emotional eating and a simple technique to counteract it that doesn’t involve exercise or avoiding food! Our site lists Healthy Food Outlets to go to guilt-free: