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Want to Boost Your Brain Power? Try These Proven Workouts…

Time to ditch the Sudoku, crosswords and those brain game apps! Countless research showing the link between brain health and exercise have been popping up over the last few years – more reasons to consider an active lifestyle and to get your kids active from a young age. Exercise not only makes you smarter, but

Wellness at Mövenpick

Health is a state of mind and wellness is a state of being. With plenty of wellness retreats to visit, guests don’t necessarily have to sign up for a week or two of detoxing to find their Zen. The Mövenpick Hotel Colombo, taking measures to expand their fitness offerings and paying more attention to meditative,

Rebounding Launched in Sri Lanka!

Rebounding (or trampolining) has taken the world by storm for its vast science-backed health benefits. Young entrepreneur Gayathri Gopal together with leading dancer Shamitha Hettige has recently introduced this super fun workout right here in Sri Lanka at Playmore Studios. Rebounding aims to improve cardio endurance, stability, strength, balance, coordination, while increasing lymph circulation unlike

Bringing Argentine Tango to Sri Lanka

Here’s a rare opportunity to learn the magical Dance of Love from international Argentine Tango dance instructors (Bibiana Bettinotti and Luigi Villani) right here in Colombo from the 1st – 3rd of December! Bibiana and Luigi are based in Rome, where they regularly teach. They also have a genuine passion for traveling and are regularly

Imran on Bollywood Dancercise

“Where there’s a heartbeat, there’s rhythm!” MB Imran, a passionate and talented dancer, talks about his unique dance studio, and how he has touched a diverse group of people through dance… More about Imran can be found at:

Introducing Zouk to Sri Lanka

Interested in learning a new dance form? Watch Marlon and Artul talk about Zouk and their plans for the dance community in Sri Lanka. You can stay connected to their workshops on our page:

Umeshi on Contemporary Dance and Its Many Transformative Benefits

Umeshi Rajeendra talks about contemporary dance, how it helps integrate the body, mind and soul, and its many transformative benefits. More about her venture Mesh Academy of Dance can be found on our site:

Ido Portal – A Moving Conversation

“Concentrating on aesthetics is reverse engineering, which usually fails.” – Ido Portal Watch this insightful interview with the movement guru on London Real: