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Corporate Burnout Prevention Program

Corporate burnout is less talked about, yet becoming increasingly commonplace among our Colombo community. Could burnout be affecting you or your team’s morale or productivity?Empower your team to stay resilient with – Sri Lanka’s most comprehensive corporate wellness service provider and health advocacy platform providing credible information and resources since 2017. Our Burnout Prevention

Why Companies Need to Prioritize Wellness

For many companies, an employee falling ill is such a common occurrence that its deeply detrimental effect on organizational productivity and progress is oftentimes trivialized or entirely overlooked. This complacency in turn breeds apathy towards proactive remedial measures, which in the long term not only stunts the growth of individual firms but also bears dire

Talk: Burnout: Let’s Talk Solutions

Thank you to all those who dedicated time to improve their well-being and for attending our special topic on corporate burnout last week. Our special gratitude to our panelists Dr. Tyrol Ferdinands, Mei Flynn, Mahesh Pathirana and Rekha Krishnamoorthy for sharing great industry insights, best practices on avoiding burnout while digging in to the mind-body

Workshop: Health Hacks for Entrepreneurs

Thank you to everyone who participated and gave us great feedback for the Health Hacks workshop at Likuid Spaces! We also thank our co-organizer Bandwagon for the support extended in facilitating value addition to the entrepreneurial startup eco-system. Missed this workshop? Contact on 077 733 7430 and learn how we can curate a unique

Need to Improve Productivity? Go Take a Hike!

American Psychological Association (APA) finds the workplace is the second most common source of stress for the majority of people, after concerns over money. And our dependency on electronics for work and everyday communication is not going anywhere. This means that making a conscious effort to take time off in nature to undo the damage from electronic radiation

Workshop: Too Much Sitting: The Problems & Solutions

A big thank you going out to all the participants, and for Shawn Roche for conducting an extremely informative session on the problems and solutions related to a topic relevant to all of us today! We discussed how our movement philosophy has changed, the myths and realities of claims, how to optimize joint and spinal

Why Keep Moving: Talk at Sarvodaya-Fusion

Sarvodaya-Fusion had an early start for new year resolutions for their staff thanks to their enterprising management headed by Isura Silva. We discussed the consequences of sedentary living, solutions and the way forward to become productive driving force towards positive change. Thank you for the opportunity given to inspire! Sarvodaya-Fusion is a not-for-profit social enterprise

A Message From an Inspiring CEO

Strauss Zelnick has an intense workout regimen that fuels his success… Feeling inspired? Check out Clubs & Sports Organizations near you to help your workout goals:

Sanjiva on Creating an Environment that Supports Work

Innovative changemaker, founder and CEO of WSO2, Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana shares some great insights on his approach to creating a work environment that supports best-in-class work to compete with the best in the world.