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Workshop: New Year Workout at Likuid

An active start for the new year it was! Our first workshop for the year was at Likuid Spaces (Colombo 03) where we learned about the unique benefits of MMA and Yoga and how both can be great complementary workouts for anyone new to fitness. Thanks to Sean Pepper Robinson and Ajmal Yakoob for conducting

Workshop: Let’s Learn Rollerblading!

Congrats to all the brave ones who tried out skating for the very first time! We talked about the benefits of skating, and how you can adopt the activity as a lifelong hobby. Special thanks to our equipment partner Decathlon for providing us with Oxelo skates for the event. You can visit their new outlet

Rebounding Launched in Sri Lanka!

Rebounding (or trampolining) has taken the world by storm for its vast science-backed health benefits. Young entrepreneur Gayathri Gopal together with leading dancer Shamitha Hettige has recently introduced this super fun workout right here in Sri Lanka at Playmore Studios. Rebounding aims to improve cardio endurance, stability, strength, balance, coordination, while increasing lymph circulation unlike

Tarja Checks Out GOYO!

Professional dancer and designer, Tarja De Silva, tries out the GOYO fitness band and tells us what she liked about it the most. Interested in getting a GOYO for yourself? offers this and more products for your active lifestyle. Visit:

Frontier Research Goes Skating

Frontier Research made an active start to their healthy new year resolutions by trying inline skating for the very first time! We appreciate the management culture that takes time and effort to keep their staff healthy & active. Thank you for the opportunity to inspire! Want us to organize a corporate health session or an

WOW: Girls Go Skating! and Sri Lanka Rollerblading Club was invited to conduct an inline skating session at Women of the World (WOW) Festival. We got the opportunity to empower girls of all ages and from all corners of the island to try out the activity for the very first time, to challenge preconceptions, and to get over

Workshop: DanceFit Away

Competitive ballroom dancer Tarja De Silva talks about she got inspired, and her DanceFit class – a fun high-intensity cardio workout mixed with hip-hop and Latin moves. You can try out her beginner workshop with on the 18th of November.  

Imran on Bollywood Dancercise

“Where there’s a heartbeat, there’s rhythm!” MB Imran, a passionate and talented dancer, talks about his unique dance studio, and how he has touched a diverse group of people through dance… More about Imran can be found at:

Tashiya on Step Aerobics for All

Teaching Step Aerobics for over 18 years, Tashiya Captain talks about her most unique class at Body Bar Studio in Jawatta. Her class schedules can be viewed on our site:

Is Your Routine Not Giving You Results?

Then this article written by Amy Schlinger is just for you: “According to a small study conducted by the American Council on Exercise, the solution for “non-responders” (people who see no clear results from exercise that produces significant results for others) is a combination of cardio, resistance training, and functional training. Individuals who mixed all three types