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Kids Learn Better When They Move!

A growing number of research studies are pointing to how physical activity helps cognitive skills enhancement, especially in children. Classrooms around the West are slowly integrating activity into typical classroom settings, and hopefully we will see progress in our island where the system is typically siloed into classroom sitting. An article written by the NY

Can’t Stand Exercise Routines?

Well then, this article is just for you. Anna Quinlan on this article tells us why we should ask the question from ourselves “what do we really want to do?” before jumping into any fitness trend. “It took me a while, but once I realized the value of desire, my whole relationship with exercise changed.

Yasas on Cycling as a Workout

Pro-cyclist Yasas Hewage, founder of Spinner and WrooM (cycling community in Sri Lanka), talks about how endurance sports such as cycling helps you get fit, and offers tips for anyone considering riding in the city. An inspiring change-maker with an encouraging message to those who want to make fitness a lifetime hobby. More on Spinner

Looking for Ways to Discipline Yourself?

Jessica Stillman on this article on makes a bold claim that we should stop doing what we don’t like. She makes a compelling case why misery is the enemy of achievement – “if you really want to achieve exceptional aims, only do the things you genuinely enjoy doing.” “If you’re not a morning person,