Angelica Shares Insights on Yoga

Yoga teacher Angelica Chandrasekeran shares her wisdom on the purpose of the ancient tradition of Yoga, the practice of the mind and body, and how it can transform your everyday living. Her full profile can be viewed on our website:

How to Get Fit in Colombo?

Staying fit in Colombo is easy and difficult at the same time. Easy because there are so many activities just waiting to be tried out and difficult because we are really good at convincing ourselves why we don’t need to. That being said, the dawning new year is an opportunity to stay focused and realign

Looking for Ways to Discipline Yourself?

Jessica Stillman on this article on makes a bold claim that we should stop doing what we don’t like. She makes a compelling case why misery is the enemy of achievement – “if you really want to achieve exceptional aims, only do the things you genuinely enjoy doing.” “If you’re not a morning person,

The Supplement Explosion

In an age where markets are driven by profit motives, the need for sound judgement becomes ever more paramount. Products such as whey protein and muscle building supplements have entered mainstream adoption and has been considered a normal part of certain fitness routines. This article written by a fitness industry professional reveals some research and

What’s Touch Got to Do With It?

Some of us seem to dread going to a masseur and wonder why others seem to find enjoyment in something that infringes the private space that is our own body. The users report tales of relaxation and stress relief. However, we don’t hear much about the physical benefits of this age old tradition –  may

Why it’s Best Not to Ignore an Injury

It’s common practice among most of us to wait out an injury with wishful thinking that it may go away with time. What we don’t realize though, however, is that certain injuries ignored over the long term can cause imbalances elsewhere in the system, sometimes exacerbating the original one! This MindBodyGreen article written by Dr.

Why is Sugar Bad, Really?

We’ve all heard enough of the perils of sugar, so much so that conditions such as Diabetes has become synonymous with the substance. But packing pounds, rotting teeth and Diabetes are probably not the only reasons to worry about sugar. This article from MindBodyGreen by Dr. Kellyann Petrucci  shares some valuable information about the less

Exercise Goes Beyond the Gym

An article published on NY Times by Brad Stulberg highlights how physical exercise translates to changes in many domains in everyday life, and shares a very important yet untold message to all those who consider self improvement and health. “When I first started training for marathons a little over ten years ago, my coach told

Secrets to a Lifelong Fitness Routine

An article written by Jessi Kneeland highlights how a fitness routine can be approached so that it internally motivates you towards a practice that perfects aspects related to your daily well-being. Her insights from Yoga can be applied to any fitness routine. “If your goal is to get stronger, protect your joints, maintain fat loss,