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Why You Need a Holiday

April New Year holidays are here, and Vesak is not too far away – two great opportunities to rejuvenate from a busy work life, or if you’d like to try out some adventures like the ones we list on www.workout.lk. Here are some good reasons given by the TheResetButton to motivate yourself to take that

Yes, Music Does Help You Workout Better!

You already knew this to be true. Here’s an article from ScienceDaily summarizing findings from Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences and explaining the phenomenon:   “Contrary to what was previously suspected, music does not simply distract us when physically working hard by making the work seem a lot easier, but actually

Footsteps to Freedom: Walking With Purpose

Now here’s a young man serving a bigger purpose while taking up a bigger physical challenge! Determined to serve his fellow man and his country, Nivendra Uduman walked over 550 KM across Sri Lanka to Raise awareness on mental health in 2016. This year, together with Ranil Thilakaratne and Sara Nazoor, he will be walking

What Happens When You Don’t Sleep

Back to heavy work hours? Here’s a TechInsider video that well illustrates the importance of sleep, not just for recovery but for the prevention of serious long term cognitive impairments as well…

Workout MAG Out Now!

Our very first print issue is out at venues across Colombo! A digital version is available for download at: www.workout.lk

Why You Need a Holiday at the Beach!

We all know that there’s something magical about the ocean, but never can quite comprehend it. Science now proves the benefits are indeed real. And while Sri Lanka is blessed with oceans all year-round, here are some valid reasons illustrated by Anne Gherini on the article by Inc.com to make a trip down south this

The Science Behind Yoga (Mini Documentary)

Here’s a great mini documentary to learn more about the roots, the science and concepts behind the 5,000 year old practice of Yoga. Our website www.workout.lk will help you find classes, events, people and places related to Yoga.

Workshop: Yoga with Grace and Joy

Teaching Yoga classes from South America to Asia, and leading well over 200 yogis in their practice, Jessyca now invites all learners in Colombo to witness improvements in their daily lives, while gaining the benefits of balance and flexibility. Come join a special beginner workshop on Saturday the 25th at Zimantra. Learn about the benefits

Scientific Facts That Will Motivate You to Exercise

Want some extra motivation? Here are some compelling science-based facts. Want to find ways to get active in Sri Lanka? Visit: https://www.workout.lk/

Why We Need to Go Outdoors

Too much time with electronics are not only draining us, but affecting our minds and bodies as well. The following article by Greatist lists a few science-backed reasons why we should consider engaging with the outdoors a bit more often:   It’ll reset your internal clock. Melatonin, which is a hormone released in response to