Connect Back With Nature

A walk in the woods might just be what the doctor of the future may prescribe to you! Yes, there’s now plenty of documented evidence on the mental and physiological benefits of going outdoors. According to a recent study, just one weekend in the woods will automatically reset your inner clock (or circadian rhythm) which help you sleep better. Another study found that walking 90 minutes in nature decreases activity in a key region of the brain associated with depression. Mood enhancing benefits of spending time in the ocean were highlighted on our blog post titled “Why You Need a Holiday at the Beach.” We also explored the many aspects involved in boosting our immunity during an outbreak here.

The Green Renaissance YouTube channel brings you great wisdom from nature and the natural rhythms of the earth:

Inspired to go outdoors? Explore what SERVICES can offer you too. We are big advocates of outdoor activity, and since 2018 been organizing public and private group retreats to get us back to nature!


As the first and only independent platform that unites partners from the health and fitness eco-system across Sri Lanka, we are in a unique position to curate credible and innovative programs for your unique staff requirements. Whether it is a de-stressing Pranayama/Yoga session, a self-defense/creative dance workshop that synergize the team, or an informative talk that catalyzes your staff into healthy lifestyle and dietary modifications, we are able to offer your organization a program unmatched by any other.


Want to experience a unique healthy journey with your friends or colleagues? A relaxing beach retreat, an outdoor excursion immersing yourself in nature while experiencing fun adrenaline games?

Wherever your interests and objective lie, we can offer a unique program tailor-made for you and your group. Give us a call on 077 733 7430 and we’ll sort out the rest! Follow the Facebook page for upcoming outdoor retreats we are organizing too!

It’s time to reconnect!