Video: A COVID Survival Guide

How does lifestyle factors affect your health and immunity? Dr. Ron Sinha shares important insights on factors that may lower your risk for critical symptoms via this engaging conversation with ZDoggMD:

Call us via 077 7 33 7430 to find ways you can get active while practicing appropriate social distancing protocols. Solo cycling could be a good way to get around the pandemic during this time.

Exercising at home might also prove to be a good idea for a while, and there are plenty of resources and apps available for you. Many trainers are also now offering online workouts during this outbreak. We’ve compiled a list of workouts on our YouTube channel too. also provides online home workout plans and a delivery service so you can order your fitness gear right to your doorstep. 

So these are a few actions that may prevent ourselves and our loved ones from suffering during this outbreak. Got questions on how we can support your health and wellness goals? Call via 077 733 7430 for free recommendations and advice. We are also organizing a webinar series during this period, so make sure to follow our Facebook or Instagram page.