Video: Reformer Pilates at Baressential

Nare Bandaranayake, founder of Baressential – a first of its kind Barre & Pilates boutique fitness studio, recently introduced Reformer Pilates to Sri Lanka. She reveals the benefits of this trending and novel form of exercise which is perfect for anyone looking for a safe and sustainable workout to perform at any age or fitness condition.

Nare is a certified IBBFA Barre instructor and is a Balanced Body Institute Pilates instructor who specializes in post-rehabilitation, pre-rehabilitation and special population Pilates working with clients with injuries, diseases and special conditions. She moved from a career in investment management in London to founding Barressential in Sri Lanka after realizing a need in the market for low impact, effective, rehabilitative forms of exercise such as Barre & Pilates. Find more about Baressential via our website.

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