Video: Is Gluten that bad for your health?

Wheat flour products have infiltrated our food system and is seen pretty much at every food store or restaurant in Sri Lanka. Are there any benefits from cutting wheat out of the diet? This excellent video from What I’ve Learned channel provides good answers to demystify the topic.

Books like Wheat Belly have enhanced the popularity of gluten free diets, but due to their very rapid increasing popularity, such diets have redeemed the status of “fad.” Nutrition is always complicated, as the human body is – this topic is no different. The What I’ve Learned channel covers some of the reasons why cutting out gluten should evoke weight loss and improve health, especially gut health and conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and more.

Not convinced? Try a gluten-free diet for one month and let us know how you feel! If you’re looking for specific nutrition related answers, or are looking for diet plans, can connect you to the best services or professionals in Colombo. Simply give us a call via 077 733 7430.