Workshop: Intro to Qigong

Thank you to all those who participated and gave us great feedback at the Intro to Qigong workshop last week.
Special thanks to instructor Mahesh Pathirana for conducting a fantastic beginner-friendly workshop packed with ancient movement wisdom and the theories behind the health benefits of Qigong. We also got an understanding of the concept of Qi, and easy and gentle movements that can be practiced daily at home or office to relieve tension and bring ease to the body and mind.
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We also thank our:
Venue partner: Prana Lounge Colombo
Healthy beverage partner: Raw Sri Lanka

Here’s what some of our participants had to say:
“Good balance between theory and practice”
“Liked explaining theory along with movement; it was the first time I understood key concepts like center of gravity.”
“The teacher spoke slowly and interestingly.”
“Liked the slow movement and stretching.”
“Good glimpse of qigong for people who have no prior knowledge of it (like me!)”
“Liked energizing the inner self.”
“Very easy to understand because of the way it was explained.”
“Liked everything!”

Watch the video below Master Mahesh Pathirana explaining Qigong – an ancient powerful system of healing that combines movement, meditation, and health benefits all in one easy-to-learn practice! Today, it is increasingly becoming popular in the West where corporations are using Qigong for its proven stress-reducing benefits, while athletes are using its proprioceptive benefits to enhance skill levels in their domains. Master Mahesh has 10 years of experience in Qigong (Martial Qigong and Health/Medical Qigong); he is the Gold medal winner of IHQF health Qigong games in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.