Support Nishreen’s Run for Cancer

We are sharing a story of an inspiring lady who is participating at the Ultra X marathon this March to raise funds to support a Cancer hospital which is currently experiencing a shortage of critical medication.

She is the only Sri Lankan female to be undertaking the mammoth challenge of running 250km over 5 days at the event! She is training consistently and with the commitment to finish so that she will be able to raise funds to support many who desperately want and need a second chance to live.

Let’s support her by sharing this message wide to help her raise funds for this much needed cause. Read her heart-warming story here:

“Hi. My name is Nishreen Savanghan. I’m a 39 year old mother of two girls and I will be running 250 kilometers over a consecutive period of 5 days in Sri Lanka during 23rd-27th March 2020 as part of the global Ultra X marathon series to raise funds for the ‘National Cancer Institute’ in Maharagama Sri Lanka.
More commonly known as ‘Apeksha’, this hospital which is under the purview of the Ministry of Health has supported the treatment of cancer patients from diagnosis, to medication, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and pain management ‘free of charge’ since 1956.Cancer medication is very expensive thus presenting the hospital with a huge financial constraint. A significant portion of medicines required are always out of stock while others are available in very limited quantities. This is a huge risk for patients who at times wait for weeks to be treated while their cancer spreads. Further, hundreds of patients travel from afar to benefit from the free service provided by Apeksha, only to be turned back when medication is unavailable.


I hope to raise a total of Rupees 1.5 million through my Ultra X 250km run. My campaign hopes to achieve this with your kind help and support via donations for every kilometer that I run. You can choose to donate Rupees 500, 750 or 1,000. Every amount helps and will go a long way. 100% of the proceeds raised will be used to procure essential medication needed by many patients daily. This cause is even more personal to me based on my own experience with someone who has supported me all my life and is now afflicted by cancer.


An individual very close to me who does not wish to be named was diagnosed with prostrate cancer in 2011 which has metastasized significantly. The commitment and support of the National Cancer Institute and its team of medical doctors has been phenomenal in terms of providing him with medication and chemotherapy which he would not have been able to afford otherwise. He has now come to a stage where his options are limited, a difficult time for him and those who care for him.
As a means to give back, I decided to use my ability to run to raise a total of Rupees 1.5 million or more to procure medication to:
1) Support the National Institute of Cancer (Apeksha) for their untiring efforts in saving lives
2) Give someone a chance to live or provide patients with the hope they desperately need to survive
The need at ‘Apeksha’ is a continuous one and every little bit of funding will go a long way for many who need help. So I kindly ask you to please read my story, join me in my journey to raise funds and give someone a chance to live again.”

Donations can be done directly via:

For more information, Nishreen can be contacted via 077 428 2153 or [email protected].