Talk: Physiotherapy in Colombo

Thank you to all those who dedicated time to learn how we can optimize physical health and well-being at our panel talk last week, and special thanks to our panelists Theruni Wijewardene, Nilakshi Kasilingam, and Dr. Mario Valcourt for sharing great industry insights, best practices, the importance of preventative and rehabilitative care, dispelling common myths, and for guiding us on how best to start a treatment program or fitness routine plus lots more! We look forward to organizing more in-depth topics every last Wednesday of the month with the support of our venue partner – Colombo City Centre.

Participants also got to try out the Power Plate system, free body analyzer reports by Quantum Fitness, and portable fitness equipment by Texstretch.

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Here’s what some of our participants had to say:
“All speakers contributed very well to widen our understanding on the functioning of the body.”
“Liked the knowledge/skills of speakers + moderator.”
“Communicative program; we need more physio awareness programs like this.”
“Liked getting to hear like-minded people (in terms of physiotherapy/exercise science) speak on this topic; it’s fairly uncommon for Sri Lanka.”
“The panel spoke more about the topic and answered all the questions relevantly. Thank you Teesha, great job done.”
“I liked the clear answers to the questions and the open discussion format.”
“Interactive session; the speakers were really good.”
“Liked the Chiropractic and physiotherapy view about the body – listen to the body and it will tell you.”
“The session is more related to our day to day life, which is very convenient for us to understand and utilize.”
“It is a very good opportunity for us to realize where we are and where we need to improve as well.”
“Building awareness and sharing knowledge is always a key factor to get educated on how valuable health/taking care of your body/self.”
“Organize more and more sessions like this.”
“Very informative.”