Talk: Wellness in Colombo

We organized another inspiring panel session last week, and thank you to all those who dedicated time to improve their well-being, and special thanks to our panelists Sukanya Wignaraja, Mei Flynn and Anja Meixner for sharing great industry insights, best practices on corporate wellness while digging in to the mind-body connection and healing, stress and different healing modalities available in Colombo plus lots more! We look forward to organizing more in-depth topics every last Wednesday of the month with the support of our partner – Colombo City Centre.

Missed this event? Our next event is on the 25th of September: Yoga in Colombo – An Informative Panel Talk.
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Here’s what some of our participants had to say:
“Liked the discussions on mental health.”
“Good references by Sukanya on the scientific research conducted regarding mental wellness.”
“The speakers knew well how to handle the subject.”
“Loved the demonstration to make the smoothie bowl.”
“Candid comments by the panelists.”
“Very knowledgeable. All are interesting. Have more topics!”
“Liked the opportunity for the audience to ask questions.”
“A topic no one talks about!”
“Liked the discussion regarding mental health and de-stressing techniques. Please continue to do these important programs.”
“Teesha’s tips about cloves is brilliant. I am going to try them.”
“Liked the diversity of the panel.”
“Very informative and necessary.”
“Great panel!”
“Liked everything!”

Thank you to our:
Location partner: Colombo City Centre for facilitating a great venue;
Healthy partners:
Eat Right for providing yummy refreshments and a smoothie bowl recipe demonstration; for showcasing healthy yummy sustainable goods; for introducing a useful app related to health and fitness; and
Organicoguru for introducing great functional foods to our audience.