Talk: Nutrition in Colombo

We organized a very informative panel session that received great audience feedback! Thanks to all those who dedicated time to improve their well-being, and special thanks to Dr Natalie Cooke, Shanez Gunatilaka and Visakha Tillekeratne for sharing great industry insights, best practices on nutrition while digging in to subtopics such as the gut health, toxic foods, nutrition statistics plus a lot more valuable information within a mere period of two hours. We look forward to organizing more in-depth topics every last Wednesday of the month with the support of our partner – Colombo City Centre.

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Here’s what some of our participants had to say:
“This is as good as it gets! Liked the quality of speakers and their ability to communicate effectively.”
“The session was an eye opener. A lot of new details were given and myths were addressed.”
“Liked the advanced topics like gut bacteria.”
“The answers given to the raised questions were very unique and understandable.”
“Liked the wealth of knowledge the panelists had. Could have been longer.”
“Very interactive.”
“The selection of the panel of experts with thorough subject knowledge enriched my knowledge on local nutrition.”
“Very useful information.”
“Different opinions from different speakers; not just about food but about how the body works. Good level of interaction – very interesting!”
“Learned about local foods that can be used to balance our lifestyles. I liked the session as it was interesting and informative.” “Inspiring us to change our eating habits is the best part.”
“All topics educated us. Liked information on food one should take on a daily basis to stay healthy.”

Thank you to our:
Location partner: Colombo City Centre for facilitating a great venue;
Healthy food partners:
Eat Right for providing yummy refreshments, and detailed Body Composition Analyzer Reports to our participants; for showcasing healthy yummy sustainable goods; for introducing a useful app related to health and fitness; and
Kuvings – SRI LANKA for introducing a world’s first cold-pressed juicer available in Sri Lanka by giving out tasty samples to our audience.