Talk: Getting Fit in Colombo

Yet another fabulous panel session full of engagement, and great audience feedback! Thanks to all those who participated, and special thanks to Tashiya Captain and Tanuja Perera Raymond for sharing great industry insights, best practices, and fantastic overall advice on fitness, nutrition, and how to approach fitness as a beginner. We discussed many aspects related to the topic, and look forward to organizing more in-depth topics every last Wednesday of the month with the support of our partner – Colombo City Centre.

Thank you to our:
Healthy food partners:
Eat Right for providing yummy refreshments, and detailed Body Composition Analyzer Reports to our participants; and for showcasing healthy yummy sustainable goods to our audience
Media partner:
Pulse for event coverage

Here’s what some of our participants had to say:
“Very practical tips about how to include exercise in everyday. Excellent work as usual – keep up the good work!”
“Like the energetic and interactive engagement of Teesha, the host.”
“Touched all relevant areas.”
“It was an amazing session. Thanks for the arrangement. Love to see more monthly sessions with different topics.”
“Liked the knowledge sharing the most.”
“Liked the discussion on food and nutrition the most.”
“Novel location and community. Great initiative Teesha! Very exciting, thank you.”

Missed this event? Our next topic for July 31st is “Nutrition in Colombo.” Like to know more about our events, or like to collaborate? Call on 077 733 7430 or email [email protected].