Workshop: Intro to Classical Yoga

Thank you to all those who participated and gave great feedback at the Intro to Classical Yoga workshop on Sunday.
Special thanks to instructor Rekha Krishnamoorthy for conducting a fantastic beginner-friendly workshop where we could get a better understanding of the concept of Yoga, and take away easy Upa Yoga practices that can be practiced daily at home to relieve tension and bring ease to the body and mind.

We also thank our:
Venue partner: Hype Studio
Healthy food partner: The Healthy Snackers

Here’s what some of our participants had to say:

“Great intro and step-by-step instructions.”
“Very engaging!”
“Liked the instructor and the space the most.”
“The session was relaxing!”
“Liked Rekha’s introduction to Yoga. She is an excellent teacher!”
“Liked the information given with every movement, and details about Yoga.”
“Practical instruction that can be taken away for daily practice. Thank you!”

Missed this workshop? Call on 077 733 7430 to organize one for your colleagues, friends or family!