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Always wanted to start a new fitness routine but never found the time? The current situation in the country might turn out to be an opportunity to explore new avenues, stay focused and realign our health goals.

From Pilates to calisthenics at the park, Colombo offers you a lot of ways to keep fit. For most of us, it’s a matter of assigning time out of our personal schedule to commit it to it regularly, but these days may offer you ample free time to explore and experiment with a few activities before you narrow down on ones you truly like. And doing something you enjoy increases your chances of pursuing it in the long run.

Below are a few suggested indoor classes that would help you not only become stronger but also more emotionally resilient during times of stress.


Yoga strengthens both physique and psyche in a series of combined stretching poses that strengthens and relaxes at the same time. The ancient wisdom is now harnessed as a blueprint for other types of practices that aim to increase flexibility, circulation, metabolism and vitality. Yoga is an all-round full body workout that anyone in age can do without any equipment or unnecessary stress on their joints. It is well known for its brain boosting benefits and as a mindful practice that increases your resilience to stress. There are many forms of yoga ranging from intense and fast-paced to gentle and relaxing. Yin and Iyengar are gentler forms while Ashtanga is more challenging.

Martial Arts

Martial arts is a sport of disciplining your mind and body while learning to confidently defend yourself if needed. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) classes combines all the different types of martial arts and teaches you how to effectively use these arts to defend yourself in a wide variety of scenarios. If you’re standing on your feet then the skills of boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai will come into play. If you feel that the situation calls for you to take your opponent to the ground then Jiu Jitsu will teach you how to leverage your opponent’s body weight against them. Looking for quick, effective and efficient ways of self defense? Krav Maga or JKD might help. These activities also help relieve suppressed emotions such as anger while you get an effective and intense full body workout. Check out different types of martial arts available in Colombo via


Colombo offers traditional Sri Lankan dancing style practices to more contemporary forms of dance such as Ballet, Ballroom, Latin (which includes styles such as Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba) Hip Hop and Experimental. You may choose to learn it as a fun activity or to train for competitions and regular events that are available here and abroad. Either way, it’s never too late, and is a really fun way of enhancing your mood while staying fit mentally too.


Although dance in itself is a form of exercise, Zumba was specifically created to stay fit by merging dance and fitness together. It combines dance and aerobic movements together and uses energetic music to propel you to move. The routine incorporates hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton and mambo with a touch of squats and lunges added for good measure. Zumba is taught and practiced at a number of places in Colombo and can be recommended to anyone regardless of age, gender or fitness level.

Spin Classes

Spin is an indoor cycling class usually set to music and led by a certified instructor. Cycling is done in a spinner bike for about 40 to 60 minutes resulting in a great workout that engages your abdomen and legs. Correct posture and technique is essential and is why it’s important to have an instructor to cue. No doubt it is a great stress reliever — not to mention, over time you will be really hard to beat in an outdoor cycle race!


Aerobics/cardio is a type of activity that engages your entire body. It stimulates the heart rate and breathing that allows you to sustain an exercise session with the goal of improving key elements of fitness (flexibility, muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness). Aerobics is usually done as a group working out together in tune to music instructed by a professional although it can be done solo and without music. Aerobics related classes can be accessed here.

Gym Activities

There are more than forty popular gyms around Colombo city, and almost all the hotels have gyms that are open to public through memberships. You can very well work out and exercise from home and use equipment such as dumbbells or a treadmill. However the impact of your daily workout can be greatly increased with guidance from certified fitness professionals. Trainers will tell you exactly how to use specific equipment, the frequency of usage and the type of equipment you need to lose weight, gain muscle and tone while avoiding injury. Most gyms also offer weekly classes related to the above.


Working out is never limited to indoor spaces, and regularizing a sport or an outdoor hobby a great way to stay mentally and emotionally fit. From ultimate frisbee, inline skating, cycling to swimming, there are many clubs and sports organizations that you may like to explore as well.


Finding new activities you may love, or maintaining good fitness during stressful times makes you less vulnerable to external stressors and makes you become more resilient. Transforming unhealthy patterns such as cutting down on sugar and processed foods will benefit your mental health in a myriad of ways too. Watch a few related videos here.

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