The Ohana Project: Supporting You in Times of Need

We faced tough times, now it’s time to get back on track! Nilushka and Nivendra share some great tips on taking care of oneself to become more resilient and bounce back again – stronger than before. Despite efforts to increase awareness on mental health issues in Sri Lanka, the stigma associated with the need for seeking support remains an obstacle within our community.

The Ohana Project platform was recently created by a group of young multidisciplinary professionals to harness their collective strength to address this, and wider problems of mental health inequalities in Sri Lanka. Core team member Nilushka Perera returned to Sri Lanka with this mission in mind, and Nivendra Uduman has been an unrelenting advocate of mental health initiating “Footsteps to Freedom” awareness walks across the nation since 2016.


The Ohana Project: 077 734 6334

24-hour counselling services: CCC line: 1333 and Shanthi Maargam: 071 763 9898

oDoc app: all consultations are currently free including psychologists for counseling on grief, anxiety and trauma:

Like to volunteer to support mental health? The Gudppl platform let’s you do that too:

Please share this message and support these amazing individuals volunteering for our nation’s well-being!