Workshop: Breath for Health

Thank you to all those who participated at the fantastic workshop conducted by Angelica Chandrasekeran. We learned many theoretical and practical aspects about breathing and Pranayama, how our flow of breath is affected by our psychology and posture and how it can be enhanced to optimize the life energy that flows in to us to heal, rejuvenate and maintain optimal health. Special thanks to Angelica for conducting an engaging and in-depth program that helped us gain many new perspectives on a simple biological process such as our breathing! Here’s what some of the participants had to say…

“The content, instructor, program was fantastic! Liked the breathing exercises.”
“Liked the individual attention. It was a great workshop; learned a lot and want to learn more!”
“Even a beginner could understand and practice.”
“Great in-depth but simple program.”
“Liked the knowledge + practical relevance”
“The speaker was very knowledgeable.”
“I liked learning to and becoming aware of your breath”
“Liked the engagement, and techniques that can be applied for everyday practice.”