Need to Improve Productivity? Go Take a Hike!

American Psychological Association (APA) finds the workplace is the second most common source of stress for the majority of people, after concerns over money.

And our dependency on electronics for work and everyday communication is not going anywhere. This means that making a conscious effort to take time off in nature to undo the damage from electronic radiation is paramount, now more than ever.

We’ve always known that there’s something magical about natural elements such as rivers, lakes and mountains, but could never quite comprehend why. Science now confirms that those benefits we felt are very real. For example, when you step out near a waterfall and allow your lungs to be filled with misty air, your brain can receive instant benefits. The negative ions in the air (oxygen molecules with an extra electron attached because of the effect of moving water) can actually help calm your brain.

Studies have also shown that different colors often produce different psychological, emotional, and physical effects. The colors blue and green, for instance, convey a sense of calm and rejuvenation. Simply living in close proximity to nature improves one’s health and well-being. While it may be unreasonable for some of us to uproot ourselves and move to a forest town or find an office with ample green, there’s no doubt that prioritizing getting outdoors and connecting with the earth will still help us stay mentally and physically sound. regularly organizes unique hiking tours and outdoor adventures so that you can rejuvenate yourselves from work stresses. We are organizing one in April too.

Can’t make time for a holiday outing? You can still get benefits by adding nature walks around the city. A study by the Foundation for Chronic Disease Prevention in the Workplace found improvement in the psychological well-being 752 employess in the US and UK who began walking 10,000 steps per day. The improvements included their concentration, self-esteem, confidence and a great reduction in stress. This enhanced sense of well-being was directly correlated to higher productivity.

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