Why Working Out with Friends is a Good Idea

We all know there’s something quite fun about working out in a group. Now science is backing up that it indeed benefits us in more ways than just socializing. Here’s a summary of an ScienceDaily article by Popular Science:

“A new study found that working out in groups (taking classes, exercising with friends, anything) is way better for your physical, emotional, and mental health than going it alone.

After months of tracking their quality of life, the participants who worked out in groups said their mental health was 13 percent better than it was before, and their physical and emotional health improved by about 25 percent. Even better, their stress decreased by almost 26 percent, which is (obviously) no small amount.

For comparison, participants who worked out alone didn’t report any changes in their physical or emotional quality of life. They did report their mental health improved by 11 percent, but that’s after exercising for twice as long as those who worked out in groups.”


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