The Fitness Mindset

Many us us do not realize how exercise affects the mind in more ways than one. Did you know that the very act of moving is said to decrease depression and make you happy? A recent clinical review by Penedo & Dahn (2005) found that physical activity is associated with a higher quality of life and an improvement in mood.

World renowned speaker, Tony Robbins famously talks about the “altered state.” This simply means that whatever mood or situation you are in, if you are feeling bad the best way to change your mood is to transition to an altered (different) state. Exercise or movement in general is the perfect way to do this. The physical body is the vessel in which all functions are performed; to function well, the right energy expenditure is required.

The model of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT provides a simple method to achieve your fitness mindset. First there is the “awareness stage” where you need to accept that you want a change, next is the “balance stage” where you look at how your exercise routine fits in with the rest of your daily tasks, and finally the “control stage” helps to achieve a sense of power and habitual routine whilst engaging in exercise. This is a simple methodology to help adopt a fitness mindset. Once applied on a regular basis, the ability to workout becomes a part of your life. No doubt modern research is indicating that physical activity could be the most effective answer to better psychological and emotional well-being.

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Article by Clinical Psychologist Shanelle De Almeida (SLMC No. 26)