Workshop: Yoga Startup Social

Prana Lounge together with co-organized a Yoga social event for startup entrepreneurs. The beginner workshop conducted by Sean was great fun and received great feedback. We also talked about the science and the benefits of Yoga and how it is especially applicable for the startup culture of today. Yummy healthy snacks were provided by Natural Eats, and drinks by Mula.

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Here’s what some had to say about the session today…
“Interactive session + simple instructions for beginners so we can all do it at home. Very well organized as usual. Excellent morning – feel great!”
“Liked the people the most. It was all great!”
“Liked the talk through of the process.”
“The hamstring stretch was really good and that technique worked really well for me. Everything was really good.”
“Liked that it focused on the spine.”
“Was able to disconnect.”
“Liked everything!”
“Gathered information.”
“Liked the introduction to Yoga and networking.”

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Beverage partner: Mula