Workshop: Too Much Sitting: The Problems & Solutions

A big thank you going out to all the participants, and for Shawn Roche for conducting an extremely informative session on the problems and solutions related to a topic relevant to all of us today! We discussed how our movement philosophy has changed, the myths and realities of claims, how to optimize joint and spinal health, effective techniques for postural ailments, how to choose the right chair + many more!

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We asked our participants what they liked most about the session, and here’s what some had to say…

“Very relevant, useful, and engaging!”
“Learned about posture and how stagnant posture affects the body.”
“Good info on posture.”
“Liked the information and the two way communication.”
“Informative + interactive.”
“Liked the interaction, and the practicality.”
“Liked the post-event networking.”