Krav Maga: Efficient and Effective Defense

Krav Maga (‘contact combat’ in Hebrew), originally developed for the Israeli Military and has fast become the global standard for effective self defense techniques for people of all sizes and strengths. Watch Kunchana and Harisha talk about Krav Maga and its benefits, along with short video previews.

The Director and Chief Instructor of Krav Maga Kapap Lanka Institute (KMKLI), Kunchana Ranasinghe, brings to the table over 20 years of experience in Judo and holds a 2nd Dan/Degree Black Belt, and is an experienced boxer and Mixed Martial Artist as well. After completing his Krav Maga Instructor Course in Italy, Kunchana commenced his role as Chief Instructor to spearhead the highly specialized training movement from Colombo. More about KMKLI can be found on or website:…/…/Krav-Maga-Kapap-Lanka-Institute-KMKLI-

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