Workshop: Celebrate Yoga Workshop with amanté &

A big thank you going out to amanté for sponsoring the fantastic Yoga program conducted by Rekha Krishanamoorthy at The Kingsbury Hotel. We thank Rekha for the very informative and practical session, introducing Angamardhana to some participants who tried out Yoga for the very first time as well!

If you’d like us to organize a similar program for your corporate staff members, give us a ring on 077 733 7430.

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We asked our participants what they liked most about the session, and here’s what some had to say…

“Great way to start the day; excellent introduction to the theory of yoga and what it can do for the body and mind.”
“Location, Rekha explaining the postures + food were great . Learned about a different kind of yoga. Very well organized + loved it all!”
“It was very informative and conducted extremely well.”
“I was so relaxed after. The workshop was very engaging.”
“Liked relaxation techniques the most. Everything was superb.”
“Liked the energetic feeling.”
“The whole session was good.”
“The postures are very useful.”
“Liked the relaxation process.”
“Liked the instruction and her voice.”
“Liked learning something new about yoga.”
“The practical session was the best.” “Almost everything was amazing.”
“I like the instructor and the way she conducted it.”
“Liked the stretching the most.”
“Liked the interactive way it was conducted. Would have liked more time.”
“Liked that it was free .”
“Liked everything.”

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