Talk: Unleash the Athlete Within You

Thank you for attending and providing fantastic feedback on the talk by Bilal Yusuf on functional fitness and the importance of the right foundations in training! Special thanks to Bilal for the wonderful wisdom shared with the audience on many diverse aspects, including the importance on exercise, nutrition, recovery and injury prevention; the joint-by-joint approach to training; lower back biomechanics; the role of mobility, flexibility, core, strength and cardio; the hierarchy of fat loss and much more!

Contact on 077 733 7430 if you’ve missed this valuable opportunity and would like to schedule a program for your colleagues or friends. Here’s what some of our participants had to say…

“Very informative seminar. Lots of food for thought!”
“The demonstrations were enlightening :)”
“Liked the expertise of Bilal, and the delivery.”
“Interaction and the information was great.”
“The difference between flexibility and mobility I found to be useful.”
“Good information pertaining to injury prevention.”
“Liked getting into details and involving anatomy and science the most.”
“Very useful references.”
“No BS.”
“Liked everything!”