Talk: Jump Start Your Healthy New Year

What a wonderful panel discussion that was! Thank you to all those who participated last Friday at our event and gave us fantastic comments and feedback. We convey our sincere gratitude to the panelists Bilal Yusuf, Tashiya Captain, Prasanna Hettiarachchi, Shawn Roche and Jessyca Canizales who shared an amazing array of unique insights, tips and best practices with our audience.

Bilal talked about the state of fitness practice in Colombo with his extensive experience as a Rugby and Strength and Conditioning coach, while Shawn talked about injury prevention and common conditions he encounters at the clinic. During the break Jessyca showed us some easy Yoga stretches we could do to relax our nerves, while Shawn shared simple exercises to counteract Upper Crossed Syndrome. Prassana’s views on the state of current food system opened our eyes; Tashiya’s insights from her 18 year practice gave us applicable take-home messages. We also talked about the many scientifically proven benefits of Yoga, how fitness should be approached by a beginner, the importance of prioritizing health, why Colombo especially need to focus on health and fitness among many other topics!

If you missed this event, don’t forget to keep following our page for the next one to be held on the 28th of February!