Garlic: A Workout Superfood?

YES! That stinky little brother of the onion family can be a great healthy addition to your diet (and not just because it keeps away vampires!). Let’s get serious – here are some garlic facts you don’t hear often in the fitness industry:

Eating 2g of garlic cloves can increase nitric oxide levels by 385%, improving vasodilation and nutrient delivery. What does that mean for you? When your blood vessels dilate, your blood pressure reduces. It also means that more blood can be carried around your body, getting the oxygen and nutrients you need to their destinations quicker. This improves your exercise performance and muscle recovery, making you fitter faster.

That already sounds great, but it really earns the title of superfood by doing more for you. The Interferon-A in garlic gives it anti-cancer/viral/bacterial properties, making it the best natural antibiotic around. It has got anti-inflammatory properties and aids collagen formation too which keeps your skin, joints and tissues healthy. It is also known to reduce triglycerides and cholesterol, and increase glutathione; all good stuff for the body.

Unfortunately, cooking tends to strip away garlic’s sulfur compounds, so it’s best consumed raw. Take it after meals – just make sure you don’t kiss anyone soon after. 😉


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