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Body Doc: Largest Gym in Sri Lanka!

Chalith Perera, aspiring model and regular member at Body Doc Fitness and Wellness Pavilion, gives us a tour of the many fantastic and unique features available at the largest gym that was recently launched in Sri Lanka. More about BodyDoc can be found on our site:

Why Keep Moving: Talk at Sarvodaya-Fusion

Sarvodaya-Fusion had an early start for new year resolutions for their staff thanks to their enterprising management headed by Isura Silva. We discussed the consequences of sedentary living, solutions and the way forward to become productive driving force towards positive change. Thank you for the opportunity given to inspire! Sarvodaya-Fusion is a not-for-profit social enterprise

Looking for Healthy Gift Ideas?

Holiday season is here and you are wondering what to gift your friend, loved one or family. How about giving them a gift that they can add to their healthy lifestyle – or better yet, inspires them to get more active! Here are a few selected items from our shop that are gift ideas for

Why You Need a Holiday at the Beach!

We all know that there’s something magical about the ocean, but never can quite comprehend it. Science now proves the benefits are indeed real. And while Sri Lanka is blessed with oceans all year-round, here are some valid reasons illustrated by Anne Gherini on the article by to make a trip to the beach

WHY Exercise is So Underrated

There are much more compelling reasons to exercise other than preventing heart disease or looking good. Here’s an excellent video you shouldn’t miss!        

Stretches You can Do at the Desk!

Here are some easy and somewhat unobtrusive stretches you can incorporate to while you are working at office or home: Also check our article: Want to find classes that you can squeeze in between office break time? Visit:

WOW: Girls Go Skating! and Sri Lanka Rollerblading Club was invited to conduct an inline skating session at Women of the World (WOW) Festival. We got the opportunity to empower girls of all ages and from all corners of the island to try out the activity for the very first time, to challenge preconceptions, and to get over