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Scientific Facts That Will Motivate You to Exercise

Want some extra motivation? Here are some compelling science-based facts. Want to find ways to get active in Sri Lanka? Visit:

Tanuja on Why We Need to Get Fit in Colombo

Tanuja Perera, a well known fitness celebrity in Sri Lanka, talks about her fitness journey, and reveals compelling reasons why people especially living in Colombo need to consider fitness a priority. Like to participate in a special workshop by Tanuja on 14th October? Sign up here: More about Tanuja can be found on our

Workshop on Bollywood Dancercise

An fun Bollywood dancercise workshop was hosted by on the 16th and 23rd together with MB Imran from ImzyS Dance Loft. We got to experience dance styles ranging from Kollywood, Baila to Belly Dance while burning calories and bursting out laughing! Good Life Café sponsored tasty cold pressed juices to the audience! Missed

Why We Need to Go Outdoors

Too much time with electronics are not only draining us, but affecting our minds and bodies as well. The following article by Greatist lists a few science-backed reasons why we should consider engaging with the outdoors a bit more often:   It’ll reset your internal clock. Melatonin, which is a hormone released in response to

Gain Mobility Effectively

Mobility refers to how freely a joint can move throughout its full range of motion. This is determined by muscle flexibility, muscle tension and how the nervous system controls the joint. Techniques such as foam rolling and massage address muscle tension, while mobility exercises address the nervous system to get accustomed to fuller ranges of

Reasons to Consider Calisthenics

New to working out, or want to advance your practice? Calisthenics or using your own body-weight as a form of exercise is increasingly being recognized as a safe, easy and effective form that you can do anywhere without the use of expensive machinery. It utilizes your entire kinetic chain instead of muscle isolation and has