Monthly Archive:: August 2017

Imran on Bollywood Dancercise

“Where there’s a heartbeat, there’s rhythm!” MB Imran, a passionate and talented dancer, talks about his unique dance studio, and how he has touched a diverse group of people through dance… More about Imran can be found at:

What is Primal Fitness?

Primal fitness is a system of fitness that utilizes primal human and animal movements. The movements have a high degree of functionality and are often used in functional movement and functional fitness programs. These forms of exercise are now increasingly trending around the world and we are seeing a re-emergence of getting back to primal

Gaia on Her Transformative Fitness Journey

Fitness personality Gaia Kodithuwakku in this candid talk shares her views on the industry, the story of her personal journey towards deeper transformation, and how fitness helped her heal many aspects in her life…

The Unexpected Physical Consequences Of Technology (TEDx Talk)

Pain is simply a signal the body is giving you to take corrective action. Dr. Eric Goodman talks about the pains many of us can relate to, and reveals a simple founder exercise you can do everyday:

Decoding the Dietary Supplement Industry

It’s hard to know if what we put in to our bodies are always good for us, and this holds even more true for the burgeoning supplement industry. Watch this video to take heed on the things that can go wrong here…

Learn Something New Everyday

Highbrow is a set of short 5 minute courses delivered to your inbox daily. It’s a neat way to learn something new everyday. Best of all, it’s completely free! Try out this course which we think you might find useful as well: Setting and achieving fitness goals “This course will empower you with tools to