Fitness Trackers for the Mid and Old Age?

In recent times, we see an emerging trend of more seniors being conscious of their fitness and well-being. This is a good trend and an important first steps towards preventative medicine. A strong immune system, backed up by stamina to engage in multiple physical tasks gives an edge into enjoying life at any age.

If you are above 40 years and continue to engage in a fitness regime that you enjoyed when you were young, it’s important to receive proper consultation from a medical professional as to how extensive you should engage in each activity based on your physical structure and prevailing ailments. This means: time, repetitions, sets, heart-rate beats per minutes, steps, distance, strides, strokes, cadence, intensity, calories – you name it, whole nine yards of the fitness jargon.

Once you have taken proper consultation, you are aware how your body would respond to your favorite fitness regime or wellness program – from diet to yoga. What’s equally important is how you monitor your progress and give vital periodic information to your doctor, physio or dietitian to make improvements.

Fitness tracking devices comes with an array of applications that tracks your physical engagement. Devices like Garmin also syncs with apps such as Strava for advance training and Myfitnesspal for diet related tracking, making a holistic approach towards vitality and well-being.

If your doctor has advise not to exert well over 150 beats per minutes (bmp) for instance, you could set-up a limit and the device will warn you with sound and vibrations so you don’t exert beyond the limit-level. You could also set-up your lower level, which helps you to quickly achieve your calorie burning level without wasting time or muscle.

As a fitness device user with a leg injury and hypertension, what’s important for me is to get into the calorie burning level quickly and not waste muscle and avoid over-exerting my heart. The devices keep me away from possible injury and keeps my wellness in track.

If you are not convinced what I say, try it for yourself.  Don’t let aging keep you from enjoying the limitless possibilities of your body.

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Disclaimer: Author wishes to state that contents in this article are shared based on his personal experience and perceived knowledge. Author advises all readers to consult professionals related to fitness/medicine to chart-out their respective fitness regime for well-being.