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Is Fear Sabotaging Your Health and Well-being?

So you’ve heard stories about exercise related injuries, and think you’re better off not lifting that dumbell than pull a muscle. This article by the NYTimes talks about this phenomenon on how fear can block you from achieving the long term health that you deserve and let you resort to false rationalizations instead. “Caution can

How You Can Avoid Knee Pain

Great advice to keep knee pain at bay!

Fitness Trackers for the Mid and Old Age?

In recent times, we see an emerging trend of more seniors being conscious of their fitness and well-being. This is a good trend and an important first steps towards preventative medicine. A strong immune system, backed up by stamina to engage in multiple physical tasks gives an edge into enjoying life at any age. If

Keeping Your Joints Healthy

Did you know that more than 80 percent of all sports injuries involve joints? We tend to focus heavily on building muscle, yet ignore the importance of keeping our joints healthy for long term performance and maintenance. This article by Herald Tribune gives some great pointers so that can avoid pain and injury:   “Lose