Monthly Archive:: May 2017

Introducing Zouk to Sri Lanka

Interested in learning a new dance form? Watch Marlon and Artul talk about Zouk and their plans for the dance community in Sri Lanka. You can stay connected to their workshops on our page:

Healthy Habits Which Are Not So Healthy

There’s probably no industry packed with myths and contradictions than the nutrition and health industry. aims to bring you the latest developments from around the world so that you can avoid falling in to common myths and scams.  An article by Inc. summarizes a few practices that the latest science proves wrong: “Avoiding fat

How Yoga Benefits Athletes

Ultra-endurance athlete Rich Roll, named one of the world’s 25 fittest men by Men’s Fitness magazine, in this article by MindBodyGreen talks about his experience with Yoga and how it benefited his career: “In my opinion, EVERY athlete – irrespective of sport or discipline – has the potential to enhance his or her ability by adopting

High Heels and Working Out

If you regularly wear heels, you may have to correct postural imbalances before taking up a vigorous new workout routine. This article on Greatist illustrates the areas that may get affected and gives a few solutions to counter-balance the effects of heavy daily use:   Your feet are the base of your body’s movement and