How to Know If You’re Over-training

Understand the early warning signs of over-training/overreaching (too much anaerobic exercise, too much total stress, or both), and slow down before you are forced down from injury and/or illness.

  • Morning resting HR greater than 10% of normal – you may be getting sick; you’re overreaching in your training.
  • Dizzy or lightheaded upon standing up – you’re blood pressure is dropping because your endocrine system is fatigued
  • Cravings for sugar and/or salt – your body is running off sugar more than fat and you’re losing too much salt from all the stress
  • Persistent sore throat – low antioxidant level from too much free radical damage from training too hard
  • General aches and pain, relieved by exercising – you’re getting a cortisol rush, that’s not good over time
  • Eyes sensitive to light – those pupils are constricting rather than dilating because your nervous system is all jacked-up
  • Irritability – you’re a pain in the ass because your blood sugar is a mess
  • Lack of desire to exercise – you’re burning out from all the training
  • Insomnia, or waking up in the middle of the night – you’re getting a cortisol surge in the middle of the night when those levels should be very low
  • Frequent night time urination (>1 time) – your hormones are under so much stress they’re not able to rest during the time they should be
  • Limb twitching or jumping while falling asleep – like the sensitive eyes, your nervous system is all jacked-up
  • PMS: cramping, back pain, over-emotional, breast tenderness, fatigue
  • Eye lid spasms – “functional blepharospasm” – from mineral imbalances in your body, depleted from excess training
  • Burning and/or blood shot eyes – from vitamin deficiencies, primarily B2 (riboflavin) from overtraining
  • Ankles “easily turn” – those muscles and ligaments of your ankle are very susceptible to stress; next is foot, heel, or knee pain


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