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Umeshi on Contemporary Dance and Its Many Transformative Benefits

Umeshi Rajeendra talks about contemporary dance, how it helps integrate the body, mind and soul, and its many transformative benefits. More about her venture Mesh Academy of Dance can be found on our site:

How to Know If You’re Over-training

Understand the early warning signs of over-training/overreaching (too much anaerobic exercise, too much total stress, or both), and slow down before you are forced down from injury and/or illness. Morning resting HR greater than 10% of normal – you may be getting sick; you’re overreaching in your training. Dizzy or lightheaded upon standing up –

Tim Ferriss on “The 4-Hour Body”

On how very small tweaks can produce outrageously large changes… Tim Ferriss is a self-experimenter and bestselling author, best known for The 4-Hour Workweek. You can check out his podcast The Tim Ferriss Show – the #1 business podcast on all of iTunes.

Elliot Hulse – The Body is The Mind

Elliott Hulse, strength coach and former pro-strongman, shares great insights on London Real:

Why Sitting is Bad For You

Our bodies aren’t built for a sedentary existence. Our site helps you get active the way you like to, and whenever possible for you. Check out activities, class schedules and places listed here:

Like to Reverse Your Aging Process?

Mayo Clinic recently published a press release that made headlines around the internet! “We’re often told that exercise is the best medicine, and it now seems that regular high intensity interval training (HIIT), in particular, is great for reversing the declining ability of our cells to generate energy. HIIT involves short bursts of very intense

Kasi on Garmin Wearables

How can fitness trackers benefit you? Kasi Adikaramge mentions what’s special about Garmin wearables. Interested in making a purchase in Colombo? Visit our online shop: