4 Types of Sugar Addiction

We understand that all what tastes good isn’t necessarily good for us. While natural sugars contained as carbohydrates and fructose are in fact good for us, the processed variety is what is associated with the sugar addiction that we now know about.

This article on MindBodyGreen describes 4 main reasons why people crave sugar and tips to counteract it:

1. Fatigue causing you to reach for sweets.

Sugar is an energy loan shark. It gives a quick energy fix, but then triggers adrenaline releases that burn energy while making you anxious.

2. You experience severe irritability when hungry.

This reflects inadequate adrenal function. The job of the adrenal hormone cortisol is to keep sugar from dropping too low during stress. When people have “adrenal fatigue” from the stress of modern life, cortisol stress hormone response is inadequate as blood sugar plummets, allowing the drops in blood sugar. Fortunately, this can be helped dramatically with nutritional support including vitamin B5, adrenal glandulars, vitamin C, and licorice.

3. You have sugar cravings without the “hanger.”

A group that I call the “Happy Twinkie Hunters” tends to be associated with Candida/yeast overgrowth in the gut. Other markers of this include nasal congestion and irritable bowel syndrome. These cravings and problems go away when the Candida overgrowth is treated.

4. You have anxiety and depression associated with perimenopause.

People learn to reach for sugar because it increases tryptophan moving into the brain, which raises serotonin levels. Serotonin has been called the “happiness molecule.” Unfortunately, over time excess sugar causes this response to get blunted (because of insulin resistance) so that the sugar actually causes excessive anxiety and depression.

And so, if you practice moderation, address underlying health issues, and pay attention to what’s in your food—you can have your cake and eat it too!

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